Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Avoid truck stop prostitutes

No matter what part of the country you travel, you will at sometimes encounter the truck stop prostitute. So what do you do when you encounter them when walking or they start pounding on your truck?

For the most part, when you encounter a prostitute and they ask if you "want any company?", you can just say no and they will move on.

Others are just not that easy. Some will give you the sob story like - "mister my car broke down and I just need some money", "my boyfriend deserted me here in this parking lot and I am trying to get home", "I haven't eaten in two days" , and the best one "buddy, it's my birthday today".

Do not fall prey and get out even one dollar. You are just being conned and the money most likely isn't going for anything good. In most cases, these prostitutes are drug addicts and your money is just furthering their own problems.

There is nothing wrong in giving them something to eat if they are truly hungry. What you will find though in 90% percent of the time is they will refuse food. It is only the money they are after. Think of it, they can't trade your half of a sandwich to Jack the drug dealer. Drug dealers usually are not hungry or broke. A sandwich has no appeal to them.

So, don't feel sorry. Just pray that your truck can start and you can get the hell out of the hellhole you have discovered.

Here you can take a look at the Truck Stop Prostitutes in Oklahoma City, OK.


bucket trucks said...

LOL.. that's Freakin' Prosties.. haven't seen any like this before.. great post here man.. keep it up..

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Utility Digger Derrick said...

Interesting post. I have never encountered a prostitute but thanks for the heads up! Keep up the good work.

forestry equipment said...

haha interesting post!!! thanks for sharing!

Digger Derricks said...

Really cool

Happy Mac the Trucker said...

Like your post, however; I don't care I would buy the sexy time on the road, I am single damn! Wouldn't most guys just strap on a raincoat and go to town?