Thursday, October 9, 2008

What make a good truck stop?

What makes a good truck stop?

If you ask any trucker what makes a good truck stop, the answers could be very vast. I think some though are must universal when it comes to good truck stops.

Cleanliness- This applies to more than just truckers. Nobody wants to be in a place eating or using a bathroom where the facilities are dirty.

Showers- A good truck stop has clean showers and also more than one.

Goog Service- Like anyone else, truckers do not want to wait 20 minutes to receive a menu or after ordering wait 30 minutes for their meal.

Fuel Islands- Pretty much, the more the merrier. Again, truckers do not want to be waiting in a fuel line for 30 minutes just waiting to get to the diesel pumps.

Friendly Service- Having service with a smile always helps. Who wants to be waited on by someone who looks like they are sucking on a lemon or have something stuck up their behind.

These are just basic things any decent person wants including those who are on the road a long time. So keep your chin up and remember that truckers are the ones who haul the merchandise you buy.

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