Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bandit Truckstop New Smithville PA

The Bandit Truckstop is located on I 78 in New Smithville, PA.

While this truckstop is not as nice as many other truckstops it does have features that truckers need and apprecitate. The main area where you can pay for fuel has general items like a mini-market would have: hot dogs,hamburgers,soft drinks,frozen foods,coffee,etc.

There is also showers,ATM,load board,about 4 pay phones,and a few video games. There is a driver's lounge - nothing really there though except a few plastic chairs and a television.

Next door is a restaurant with decent food if you are not interested in the hot dog and coffee meal.

A garage is next to the restaurant for truck repairs.

If you are looking for a motel a Motel 8 is just down the road for lodging.

By the way, feel free to checkout Truckers Talking for a cool truckers community


Gary said...

It looks really awesome to enjoy a little bit on long route truck drivers driving from long time should rest a while and have some refreshments.

Lloyd Fenters said...

nice blog bob. just wanted to know if you've looked at the truckmaster fuel finder. i guess they're going to start doing truck stop reviews, although they've been talking about it for awhile and i've yet to see it. the website is at curious to see what you think about it, i've used it a few times, seems kind of helpful. maybe you can post some of your reviews on their site too.

digger derricks For Sale said...

really interesting :)