Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walt Whitman Truck Stop Philadelphia PA

The Walt Whitman Truck Stop

Located near the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia, the Walt Whitman Truck Stop is a real basic truck stop. This truck stop has basic neccessities such as fuel,showers,payphones,a game room, and a small lounge.

This truckstop would not be one to write home about. It is not the cleanest truck stop and really only exist due to the Philadelphia Produce Market and some other large produce and meat companies close by.

Although, the lot is fenced in, many undesirables including criminals,prostitutes,and drug dealers regularly enter the premises. This is just basically a place to stop in order to sleep, get fuel, or make a phone call. Besides that, I would recommend staying away if at all possible. They do have a restaurant but the food is not great and last I was there, it really is only open during daytime hours and then reopens early in the morning.

The Walt Whitman truck stop is not a truck stop that drivers can really appreciate. Stop only if it is really necessary.

Here is a link for more info Walt Whitman Truck Stop.


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Anonymous said...

This Truck Stops been closed for about 5 years...and yes it was a little ruff at night..but i was the cook there for 17 years and the food was Damn Good..hardly ever a complaint..can count them on one hand..for 17 years i think thats pretty good...

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Anonymous said...

Is there another truck stop at the location of the Walt Whitman truck stop?