Monday, May 18, 2009

Findng Trucking Jobs in a Recession

Finding Trucking Jobs in a Recession

Finding a trucking job in a recession has a lot to do with your driving record. If you are an experienced driver with a good driving record and employment history, your chances of getting a new job are really good.

Like any industry, the trucking industry can see a loss of jobs during a recession. After all, trucks need to have products manufactured in order to haul those same products.

If you search on Yahoo Hot Jobs or Monster you can still find jobs. Truck driving schools have reported an increase in enrollment during this year. New graduates will have a tougher time finding a job due to many experienced drivers looking for work also.

When the economy was healthy new drivers could find jobs more easily especially among very large carriers such as JB Hunt and Schneider. These days, with the current economic situation, nothing is a sure thing. Still, the more places a new driver applies the more likely they can get their foot into the door of the trucking industry.

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